I can honestly say that without the Theracycle I don’t believe I would be walking today. The bike keeps me moving and my daily ride is many times the best part of my day. My knee stays limber when I ride daily. Surprising to me was that my mood and ability to think properly improves after I ride. It helps with depression and with that fuzzy-minded feeling I deal with if I don’t ride… There are other machines out there that help you pedal, but they are cheap and fall apart. Theracycle is well-built, requires little maintenance, and is easy to use.”

Sandra McKee

As a practicing neurologist with twenty-five years of evaluating patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurological problems, I have taken an aggressive approach towards helping my patients receive the exercise they need. Patients who have used the Theracycle have shown increased range of motion and decreased spasticity, improved muscle tone, strength and balance control. Further, use of the Theracycle has increased the physical endurance and improved the psychological outlook of these patients. The Theracycle is motor driven, which enables users who cannot use their own energy to move their body. These patients have also shown improvement with digestion and other issues associated with immobility.”

Thomas F. Morgan, MD

I purchased my Theracycle in 2010, six years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004. I worked my way up to an hour daily on the Theracycle plus lift weights and stretch. Now at age 73, I’m still biking that hour nearly every morning plus the weights and stretching. I am certain that my exercising on the Theracycle has helped me maintain my ability to do the things I love to do like fly fishing and hiking and refinishing furniture. I also am convinced the Theracycle has helped me maintain my brain.”

Jane Rand,