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An in-home, motorized physical therapy bike for individuals looking for a full-body workout that targets your arms, legs, and torso. Plus additional adaptive features!

***** Currently orders for Theracycle 300 are running slow ******

(***Adaptive pedals are at additional price***)

The Motor Makes the Difference!

The Theracycle actually works with your body. While traditional exercise equipment requires a certain level of strength and endurance, the Theracycle’s unique motor allows every individual to get the exercise they need regardless of their strength and endurance levels on any given day. A Theracycle provides our customers with full body motorized assisted therapy proven to reduce symptoms and improve mobility and motor skills.

Many people living with Parkinson’s disease, MS, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Arthritis and other neurological or mobility conditions have discovered the benefits of a Theracycle motorized physical therapy stationary bike.

  • Maintenance-Free Motor

    Quiet, powerful, USA-manufactured, ½-horse-power motor assists you to exercise at faster pace than you can do on your own for as long as you wish.

  • Ergonomically-designed Seat

    The extra-large cushioned seat and seat back provide maximum comfort. The seat can be raised or lowered as well as moved forward and backward in order to accommodate most size riders.

  • Moving Handle Bars

    The push–pull motion of the handlebars allows the user to benefit from an upper body including arms, shoulder, and torso

  • Two Pedal Options

    Interchangeable and adjustable pedals quickly accommodate different users.

  • Easy-to-use Control Panel

    User-friendly visual display allows you to easily control your workout.

  • Rugged Construction

    The structural steel frame, wide legs, and low center of gravity offer unparalleled safety and stability.

  • Quick Safety Shut Off

    Emergency shut off button and pull cord stop brings the leg exercise bike to a halt for complete safety and security.

  • Honest Design

    Basic in color and style, the Theracycle will blend into any room, any décor.

  • Swivel Seat

    The swivel seat allows the user to easily mount the Theracycle from any side or the back. Then pull the lever and move the seat into the proper riding position.

  • Open Pass Through

    Wide open lower area with a low base height makes it easy to move your legs through.

  • Capacity

    This Theracycle bike can accommodate up to 300 lbs or up to 500 lbs with optional modifications

  • Specifications

    20"W x 44"L x 57"H – 220 lbs.

Theracycle rider Dr. Paul Gustavson discovered the motorized Theracycle after hearing about a tandem bicycle study that showed the impact cycling could help patients with Parkinson’s disease symptoms. As a physician, he knew it was important to keep moving. Now, Dr. Gustavson has made the Theracycle a part of his day.

The Theracycle 300 was specifically designed to help people with movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

Similar to the 200 model, the Theracycle 300 features a semi-recumbent style and moving handlebars that allow the user to get a complete full-body workout including back, shoulders, arms and legs.What sets the Theracycle 300 apart from the 200 model are the additional adaptive features. The Theracycle 300 includes an easy-mount swivel seat and three modified pedal options that offer greater stability for safe and secure pedaling.

The motor makes the difference!

The Theracycle’s unique motor allows people who may not have the strength or endurance to get a full workout on traditional exercise equipment to remain active. Even on a bad Parkinson’s day, the Theracycle works with your body to help you to get the exercise you need for both your body and your mind.A clinical study done at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio proved that individuals with Parkinson’s who participated in a forced-exercise regimen experienced significant improvement in their PD symptoms. The Theracycle 300 allows people with Parkinson’s to follow the very same forced-exercise regimen as the study.